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Terms of Service

Rules of the Access to subscription service 

The Access to MALA3EB.TV Subscription (hereinafter “Subscription”) is currently available for the subscribers of the mobile operator Vodafone Egypt (hereinafter “Subscribers”). 
This is a mobile content subscription service which will guarantee The “Access to” .This service is currently applicable to Vodafone Egypt users only. 
As part of the Subscription, the Subscriber is able to access the Private sections and/or additional functionality of the site (hereinafter “Site”) for the entire duration period of the Subscription. 

The Beginning of the Subscription 
To begin the Subscription, give consent by pressing the “Subscribe” button. The beginning of the Subscription is confirmed by sending a free informational SMS to the Subscriber. Subscribers will receive a free SMS with a reminder of the active Subscription once a week. 

The Cost of the Subscription 
The service is provided on a paid basis with daily payments throughout the duration period of the Subscription. 

The Cost amounts to:

  • Egypt – 2.5 EGP a day

Canceling the Subscription 
To cancel the Subscription, click on the “Profile” link on the site and follow the instructions. After pressing the “Cancel Subscription” button, the Subscription will be stopped and the Subscriber will receive a free SMS with confirmation.
To cancel the Subscription by sending SMS, it is required for: 

  • For Vodafone Egypt Subscribers, send an SMS with the text “UNSUB MLB” to the free number “6699”

Liability Waiver 
The Subscriber shall be fully responsible for any consequences resulting from viewing, reading or copying materials and/or use of the Site’s services. The materials published on the Site are provided without any guarantee that they do not contain errors. Information on this Site may not reflect the requirements of the Subscriber.